About OpsWerks

OpsWerks is a worldwide provider of innovative solutions in the tech industry. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on client satisfaction, OpsWerks delivers cutting-edge services in software development, IT consulting, and digital transformation.

Our Values

At OpsWerks, we are on a mission to help those next to us and those in front of us live better lives. We put immense value on personal growth and relationship-building by providing a werkplace that serves as a werkshop for our members to become their best self.

Working at OpsWerks

OpsWerks promotes a dynamic and collaborative office culture where innovation thrives and relationships last. With focus on continuous learning and meaningful relationships, employees are empowered to excel and make meaningful contributions to the company's success.

We are Werks in Progress

We are proud to be werks in progress. We celebrate transformation and constantly champion it in each other. We believe we do our best werk when we are our best selves. We are seekers who are willing to look at our own operating systems as much as those of our partners.

Career Development

At OpsWerks, we prioritize employee growth through tailored career development programs. From mentorship opportunities to continuous learning initiatives, we empower our team to excel and grow their career with us on a path that's best for them.

Meet the team

Steve Kwan

A true Silicon Valley native, an electrical engineer turned serial entrepreneur. With experiences in startups, acquisitions, and public companies, his passion lies in making lives better. When not with his wife and three children, he's probably playing volleyball or speeding around on one of California racing tracks.

Alfie Macatiag
VP of Product, Services

A goal-driven individual, seeking purpose in every challenge. Her 15+ years in tech and services has exposed her to operations, support, project management and strategy. Beyond work, she's dedicated to community service and education. Alfie finds balance in traveling and exploring the Philippines' 7,100+ islands, one island at a time.

Mark Lee
Head of Partnership Success

A San Francisco native with a tech career spanning roles in technical, cloud, and partner operations. Committed to excellence and collaboration, he values working alongside great people. Outside work, he enjoys spending time on the golf course, traveling the world, and exploring diverse cuisines.

Janine Lota
Head of People, Culture, & Talent

An experienced HR professional with a background in healthcare, BPO, and banking. Skilled in operations, project management, and coaching, she is a cheerful leader fostering a fun work environment. As the team's go-to person for various roles, Janine is energized by helping others, ice cream, and Yoda sightings. Also, a dedicated Qigong student and certified Reiki practitioner.