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Salary Guide 2020 PH


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Employers will be equipped with insights on winning the race for talent as well as building a resilient and agile workforce. The themes will include: top talent salary expectations, average job offer to top talent within your industry, future work strategies, talent attraction and retention strategies, etc.

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The Michael Page Salary Benchmark is our annual salary guide developed as a reference for hiring managers and job seekers to make informed employment decisions in Philippines. The guide benchmarks the salaries of various job functions across different sectors, including Digital & Technology , Business & Financial Services, as well as Industrial & Manufacturing. Leveraging data from Michael Page’s proprietary data and network, studies and observations, the guide provides precious precious insights to hiring trends and market sentiments in the Asia-Pacific region.

Besides median wages, an additional section, titled “What is the Philippines workforce thinking”, will delve into the specifics of what Millennials and Generation X are thinking with regard to work, including topics like:

01-Why employees resign

Why employees resign

02-What would improve employee retention

How to improve employee retention 

03-What do job seekers consider before accepting a new job offer

What do job seekers consider before accepting a new job offer


How can the report benefit you? 


If you are looking to hire:
  • Understand factors that attract and retain talent
  • Project reasonable talent cost based on hiring forecast
  • Discover top reasons for resignation


If you are a job seeker:
  • Find out potential roles to upskill for
  • Cite informed salary expectations when switching jobs
  • Discover trending skills for your job function



Philippines Salary Benchmark 2020 Country Insights


The critical importance of leadership to winning and retaining top talent. Research underlines that in talent management, effective leadership is more difficult yet more crucial than ever. Engagement spikes for leaders who are authentic, hold others accountable, lead with integrity and show empathy. And given that leading candidates typically have two to three offers to consider, top hirers display a pitch mentality for their crucial interviews — working in advance to speed up and streamline their hiring process. Moving decisively is often the difference between first and last.

Salary and leadership aside, what do top talent profiles seek from your team? Just as in a sports team, employees want evidence that your company culture supports excellence in the way it plays fair and reinforces shared values. Find a culture that fits you, and you will invest your best working years to build value to the company.

Having hired your team, the crucial part is seeing them grow and thrive. Critical to hiring and retaining today’s best profiles is committing to their learning and development. Top talent profiles will often request a development map during the interview process — knowing how important that learning will be to remaining fit-for-purpose in the world of work. Get this right, and you will not only have a great hire, you will likely have a future leader as well.