Bayanihan: A returnee’s bridge to success


Globalisation has made the world a much smaller place than ever before. Amid these changing times, however, is the unwavering spirit of community, or as it is known in the Philippines: ‘Bayanihan’.

Under our Bayanihan: Tulay sa Tagumpay program, Michael Page connects overseas or returnee Filipinos with Philippines’ largest companies and brands. Our strong relationships and network with businesses ensures that you find a suitable job opportunity back home that will build your career in the long term.

You will be guided along every step of the way as you navigate your journey back home. Many of our experienced consultants are either returnee themselves, or have extensive experience working with returning Filipinos.

Why Filipinos are coming home

 Care for family
and elderly parents
 Explore alternative,
exciting career options
 Contribute back to a burgeoning economy

It’s a great time to be home

A transformed, dynamic working culture
The working population is dominated by bright, energetic millennials complemented by experienced, passionate Gen X professionals.

Filipino companies are growing exponentially
The Philippines is now a bustling hub especially in FMCG and E-commerce, and homegrown businesses like Jollibee are making major strides in becoming an MNC.

Returnee talent are heavily in demand as businesses digitalise
Companies are willing to offer attractive packages to bring overseas Filipinos home. Some are willing to offer up to 20% more in base salary compared to a local Filipino.

Led with local expertise


Our unique Bayanihan: Tulay sa Tagumpay campaign is led by Carla Lastimosa, the Director of Michael Page Philippines and a returning Filipina herself.

She is a headhunter with 18 years of experience and recruits primarily in C-level and senior management positions in the Philippines.

Carla has amassed broad knowledge of multiple industries, including Industrial, FMCG, E-commerce, Retail, 3PL and Services.

Carla's advice for Filipinos considering a move home

  • Relocating is a big decision, even if it’s back to your home country
    Consider your motivating factors, and what that would mean for your dependents. Most importantly, ask yourself: are you ready for this change?
  • Open your mind to new career opportunities
    Many companies offer excellent roles for returnees for senior regional positions as part of their succession planning.
  • Enjoy the process!
    Get peace of mind by working with experts that can guide you in your journey home, alleviating stress so you can focus on celebrating the new milestone in your life.